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A safe home for these cats from the Tucson Desert

Pictures of the rescued cats and dogs.

Please consider a donation to help feed the cats and dogs.

My little sanctuary...

The ranch house for the colony of cats I rescued.

This little house is an extension to the main house. There is a tunnel that goes from the main house to the little house. Since this picture the outside enclosure has been doubled to give them more room. There is a loft inside of it where the cats love to lounge.

I also have a tunnel that connects the enclosure to my spare room in the main house. It is has a screen door so they will not have access to my house cats yet. I wanted to give them more space and see me more often in the kitchen. Hope that can socialize them faster. They are really enjoying there play room. They run and jump around with the toys.

Shy Adam

Hilde. She is pretty sure of herself and will be friendly soon.

All a family again

There new play pen. I build this myself.

I will mention which kitty's are the colony I rescued and which were rescued from various areas in Tucson. The colony cats are the ones I rescued from the trailer park in the last 7 months.

Sponsor one of these wonderful cats. Any amount each month. I will send you a framed picture of the one of your choice.

This is shy Willow. Very sweet feral boy.


Yehti. My 6 toed kitty. He was very shy and still is , but he is getting more relaxed with me. He is such a beauty.


Mommy. She was brought to me by the man who fed the cats. She had a baby with her. 2 days later we found her other baby. So she nursed the 2 week old babies and is now running free in my home.


Mommy's baby Grace.


Mommy's baby Lorchen.


Ziggy. He came to me very sick with Stomatitis. He had it severe and was emaciated and in a lot of pain. I had to hand feed him for 4 months and a lot of medication, but nothing worked. So, he had all his teeth removed and is doing wonderful now. His fur is growing and has gained 6 lbs in 5 months .He is inside my home.


Sweet feral boy Eve. He was trapped and already ear tipped. He is shy and will take some time to tame down.


Inside the cats house. Looks small but its cozy and large enough for them. There is a loft which a lot of them like to hang out on. 8 functional windows with screen for fresh air. I keep one window open so they can go into there enclosure. Lot of cat beds. They have a fan and A/C also in it for the very hot summers.

Mercy. The last of the rescues from the colony. The toughest to trap. Very trap shy.This picture was taken right after trapping.

PEANUT. He is a friendly boy who was already neutered 7 years ago. He was dumped into the trailer park. He is the sweetest kitty. He is inside my home.


EMILY. Given up by a lady who was moving and could not take her with her.

Becky. Shy but friendly. She is a delicate girl who loves to be brushed.


NOBLE. Very friendly boy. I just love him .Just adorable.


Tabby. Not a great picture. New picture coming.


NOAH. He has eye allergy's and FIV+. He is healthy and young still. A very fluffy beautiful cat. He is not aggressive so I am not worried that it will spread.


JASPER. Getting to relax and letting me pet him at times.


BOOTS. She is very shy still. But her eyes are becoming more relaxed around me.


OLIVER. Sweet little kitten.


OSCAR. Beautiful happy boy. Still shy.



FELIX. Shy but sweet.


SNOWY. She was so happy to get help that she ran into the trap. She sleeps with me every night. She is in my home.


BENNY. He lives in my house. Friendly and gentle. I have had him for 7 years.

RUDY. He was found in the city abandoned with his 2 sisters. People moved and left them behind. A neighbor fed them and they stayed by the house for one year.

TRUDY. Rudy's sister.

MAX. Emi's brother . Shy and sweet.

MOLLY. She was living in someone's back yard. Hardly any food or water.

EMI. She was found with her brother living around someone's house. Waiting for scraps of food.

TAHLIA. She is Max and Emi's half sister. Feral kitty which lives in my home. She is sweet as long as I don't try to touch her. If I do she just pretends she is invisible.

LOTTIE. She was found in the south of Tucson in a very bad area. She was very hungry. She is friendly and was easy to catch. Just picked her up and took her home. Loves to play.



ANGEL. The first rescue. He is a darling boy. He is in my home.


HEIDI. Rudy and Tahlia's sister.


Found wandering by St. Mary's Rd by Safeway store. Starving and sick..

Heather. Kitten . I do not know who her parents are. She is sweet but very shy.


3 dogs that were dumped at my door. Bear and Bucky and Oliver.