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A safe home for these cats from the Tucson Desert



Sweet little kitten.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony (Fall 2013)


Hilde Rescue Page

At this point I was getting desperate for help to finish trapping as many cats at a time I could. Since the man was sabotaging all the time I called a TNR girl. Her name was Tina.We went and set about 6 traps at dusk. There were still so many cats running around. So many people still living in the trailer park. A lot of noise and the cats were very nervous.The traps were set and we stood quietly waiting. The old man kept coming out and talking and laughing. We begged him to please be quiet and go back inside. He refused. But we were lucky and got 3 cats that night. Hilde and Oliver her baby and Noble. Tina took them home with her to get them fixed at the HS. Ron argued with us all evening and was so in the way. But we were lucky. There were 4 kittens running around and we were so frantic to get them. But we only got one kitten that night.

Tina had first come to my house to see were the cats were going to be living. I had already a few from the trailer park and she liked the set up. But was negative about me taking in the ferals. We had a difference of opinion about that. I wanted the whole colony together not half of them.

So the next day we were to meet and I was going to take them home. I was 5 minutes late and she let Noble out of the trap. I was very upset. I knew I would have to re trap him. But off we went to the sanctuary with Hilde and Oliver. We carried them in and set the traps down inside the kids playhouse and let them out. I could not believe what I saw next.....they both, mother and son ran to a bed I had set up and both laid down next to each other and just looked t us like , "we are home" . They looked so happy and relaxed like they had always been there. Cuddled up and so happy looking and so very Proud of there new beds. What a sight. Wish I had a camera. Another happy rescue.

Hilde Page

Little Oliver relaxed safe and having a good meal in Colony. Dec 14

Hide and baby boy Oliver shortly after rescue. Safe and together. Fall 2013.

These 2 make me smile and laugh. Hilde on the right with her cute son Oliver. In the Colony Tunnel to the House Room for the Rascals. They are so close and love each other. Hilde has a cute nose, kinda up and snooty looking.

Feral but getting close to being tame. I can pet Oliver at times, still skittish. I think many from the Trailer Colony are related somehow. Jan 2015. To think they would be wandering the streets alone and look how sweet they are.

Oliver one of the feral colony boys. He is a baby still. About 2 years old now. Such a cutie. Nice to see hanging out on the Tree in the House Colony Room. Mar15