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A safe home for these cats from the Tucson Desert

First Loves - Now over the Rainbow Bridge


Barney,who was my all time best and most loved cat. He has passed to the bridge now.

Originally found in a barn while in Ontario. He came with me to Tucson and enjoyed some years of nice winter days. Had a terrible scare when he went missing in the first week after arrived, and did not yet understand the risks and needed protection. Lucky after a week of walking and horseback around the desert he was found.


Emily (my first Emily)

Emily came with me from Ontario. A shy and quiet girl.

Sadly after illnesses while getting old in Tucson she joined her friends Barney and Jaytel over the Rainbow Bridge.



Originally my Grandmothers cat in Ontario.

A smart, attentive, and loving tough guy.

Came with me to Tucson and had some good years in the Park zone.

Passed on after a long battle and tough fight.

Gave comfort and friendship to generations of our family.

Barney reading Carl Jung ...

Me and Barney ... He is and was my boy. He has passed now. I was just thinking of him and felt like posting him for a day or 2. He was my beginning of love for cats. I just adored him. Have never slept the same since he passed.

Emily original watching tv.

Barney in Ontario ... What's that snow on the trees !!! Yikes.

Emily original so sweet

Barney ... what up ? just chillin in the desert shrubs

Barney Relaxing in the desert garden

Jaytel hiding in desert perch