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A safe home for these cats from the Tucson Desert



The first rescue. He is a darling boy. He is in my home.

The namesake and start for the Sanctuary. After seeing him and all the others at that Trailer Park that was being torn down with their "homes" and food sources taken away (Summer 2013) . I could not .. not do anything. They would have been taken by the coyotes or have run into the desert to starve.

Now Happy and Loving.I just whispered in his ear if he wanted to come to a new safe home with me and he gave me such a sweet meow and purrs

Lives in the House zone.

UPDATE September 2016 ... Bad news STOMATITIS Discovered needs surgery

He has been very healthy all these years until a few months ago I noticed a change. He would gag when he ate. Coughing a lot and ran when I came near his mouth. He went to vet last week and Stomatitis was confirmed. There is no other help then to remove the teeth. This is a Auto Immune disease with no real cure. It seems that the system is allergic to plaque on the teeth. No one know what it comes from, but there are theories that it may be multifactoral, ie, Calici Virus, Enviromental, genetic, and so forth.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony (Aug 2013)


Tried to get a picture of Adam my pretty wild feral. The black cat. I think he is more afraid than feral. I don't know. I know he and Eve are buddies. In the trailer park I would see them be very buddy buddy. Dec14

Becky looking sweet. Getting friendly and paying attention, enjoying a new life and safety. Likes being petted now lets me pick her up. Progress !!!!


Adam, out in the Colony playland. Good.

Beautiful big boy ADAM. Big tom. He was one of the feral cats rescued from the trailer park. A rare photo op by Adam. May 15.

The elusive giant of a beauty. Pure black and just so mysterious. He does give me blinks now. But took a longtime.