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A safe home for these cats from the Tucson Desert


Adam ... aka "Big Tom"

Adam is a sweet feral boy. He is also Fiv+. But he is healthy and happy. Will take some time to tame him. Every feral takes time and one must win their trust.

Adam was buddy buddy with Eve at the rescue.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony (Fall 2013)


I am combining these 2 because as you will see, they were always together every time I saw them. I am at the the end of trapping, or so I thought.The end was the hardest and took the longest.

I had bought a drop trap at this time. This is a trap that is like a big wire box and is held up . I have to sit and wait and pull a rope when a cat is under it. It is a easier trap in one way.

I put it on the mans porch and with a long rope sat in my car. These 2 cats were very hard and impossible to trap in a regular one. I had also called a pro trapper and he was kind enough to set up a very large cattery cage. 7 ft by 6 ft with a door and also a pull rope. He did not charge me for this. I was putting food in there to get the remaining 3 cats used to going in there to eat.

So one evening I got the drop trap ready and it has a anchor back to it and I did not think I would need to nail it down, just put a heavy bucket on it. I sat and waited. At this point I knew the schedule of the cats . They would come out at dusk from under the trailer. The Black Tom Adam would walk all the way to the end of the trailer park and then back. At this time there was only about 3 trailers still up with a few demolished in piles. Adam and Eve were always together with Eve being the submissive one always rubbing himself on Adam. He barely walked with out being right up to Adam. I thought he was a girl he was so clinging. Adam would walk like a king. So I sat and to my amazement they walked up the stairs and looked at this drop trap. I held my breath ad they went under it together. I had both in it. I pulled the rope and they were in, but OMG they started to bolt and pulled the trap as it slid along the porch and they pulled it right of the porch and got free. I could have cried, I think I did. I should have nailed it down. Now it was going to be even harder to get them.

So the next day, we took the large cattery apart and moved it to the porch. It was a bit smaller now. Drilled a hole in the trailer wall and put the rope inside. So now I had to come every night and sit inside the trailer and wait. They would walk all over the trailer park and on the demolished trailers. I was so scared for them as the coyotes had a lot of open space now to get these cats. Mercy was also still living under the trailer across the way. His trailer was going to be removed soon. His trapping intermingles with Adam and Eves at the same time but will tell his story tomorrow.

I sat for a few nights waiting, but the cats would not go in the cattery trap. I was becoming very exhausted at this time and very frustrated. I think I watched them for about a week. They would just stick there heads in and back away. I had to only peek out the window very quietly, if they saw me they ran. Until one night they walked up the stairs ever so slowly as I held my breath they all 3 walked in, I had to wait until they were in the far corner of it and eating. OK<<<<I pulled the rope as fast as I could , I had them all in, except Mercy bolted so fast he got out. But, I had 2 in there. I jumped up and down like a crazy women. Now I had to call the trapper to come and get them in a carrier. I could not even chance doing this myself. He came and went inside the cattery. How he got them in the carriers was with a neck rope with pole. He got them by the neck and under one arm and very fast roped them and put them in the carriers. Sigh, it was done!!!!

I took them home and took them to be fixed the next day. Adam is a very big headed tom and very feral. None of them are aggressive but just very fearful. Eve is a sweet boy and just fearful. They were very happy also to see there buddies. They were very much alone at the trailer park with only Mercy left.

Tried to get a picture of Adam my pretty wild feral. The black cat. I think he is more afraid than feral. I don't know. I know he and Eve are buddies. In the trailer park I would see them be very buddy buddy. Dec14

Adam, out in the Colony playland. Good.

Beautiful big boy ADAM. Big tom. He was one of the feral cats rescued from the trailer park. A rare photo op by Adam. May 15.

The elusive giant of a beauty. Pure black and just so mysterious. He does give me blinks now. But took a longtime.